Premium Height Increase Insole - Advanced Comfort and Ergonomics

  • Wear invisiable gel height increase cushion inside socks and then wear a bigger shoes than usual. Your height will increase exactly 3.0 cm. No one knows the secret of your increased height - Increase Your Fitness Height Invisibly. This size is suitable for women and kids.
  • Please see the detail pictures before you purchase, made of medical-grade soft silicone which helps to relieve your heel pain & discomfort from sore hurting heels, sore feet, plantar fasciitis, bone or aching heel spurs, treat stress fractures, sprained foot when walking/ work
  • Fit with different shoes: for Boot, Sneaker, and trainer etc..... Inserts are best worn with a shoe slightly larger than your normal size. Gel increase Height insole fits men’s size 6-9 and women’s size 8-11.
  • This Heel Sleeves+ increase height insole: Best for Heel Pain Treatment, Cracked Heel Protectors, over more, wear it in shoes and you will be looked 2 cm higher than usual. Improve your image and increase your confidence invisibly. Feel happier than usual.
  • Package: include 1 pair gel increase height heel sleeves insole with hole.
Nude 2CM
White 4CM
White 2CM
Nude 4CM