Halloween Bent Witch Hat

  • Witch Hat has a circumference for the head of 22.5" .The hat is somewhat stretchy and actually fits better.Vertically the hat is almost 10" tall, so it could easily be used for regular wearing as well as for costume.Tilted toward the back seam, so it's a bit curved, which looks good.
  • The brim is a nice size, not overly large so it isn't going to "flop" around but instead hold it's shape because of the wire in it. The tip does have that slight curl to it, which is amazingly cute.
  • The brim can be formed to your liking.Depending on how much you pull the hat onto the head, the brim's about 2.75" to 3.25" wide, which is not adequate to block the sun
  • Perfect for halloween party,masquerade cosplay costume accessory and daily.
  • It's cultured.For witches who have been around as long as you have, it looks the part -- kind of antique, European hills, witchy-ness. Very laid back. Quite can use it for Halloween,
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